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Cubefield Fullscreen

Now you can play Cubefield in a much larger size. This is supposed to be Cubfield fullscreen and should be really big!

The aim of the game as always is to avoid the colored cubes by moving left and right. This gets more and more difficult as you progress through the game.

The formations of cubes get trickier to avoid and the whole game speeds up!

You may spend many hours playing this version of cube field. Just remember not to get too mad when you eventually do hit a cube and the game ends. Then again perhaps you are good enough to keep on playing forever!

This version of Cubefield uses the left and right arrows to dodge the cubes. Press P to pause, Q to adjust quality.


If this still isn't big enough try this!

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We hope you enjoy playing Cubefield full screen. You should definately check out some of the other games on this site and tell your friends about them!

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