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I've been a secret fan of Curveball for a very long time. It doesn't have amazing graphics (or sound for that matter) but it's simple, fun and highly addictive.

This is essentially a 3D version of pong. You control a bat and your opponent controls a bat at the other end of a tunnel. You hit a ball with your bat and try to make it so they miss the ball (hence the name Curveball).

If you or your opponent hits the ball it remains green in color. The moment one of you misses the ball will turn red.

The aim of the game is to level up by making your opponent run out of balls. You also score points and earn bonus points for making the ball curve.

Simply use your mouse to play. Move the bat with your mouse and left click when needed to fire the ball at your opponent.


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Curveball is a really old school game. Many of you won't appreciate it but I know there are a few out there who will. If you found it fun then why not share it with your friends online?

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