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Pacxon is kind of like a cross between Pacman and Tron (if you remember both of those game). The fill a certain percentage of the board with your tiles which you leave behind you as a trail.

This would be very easy to do if it wasn't for the fact that there are ghosts chasing you. You aren't allowed to touch the ghosts and if they touch your tile trail you lose a life.

The trick to playing Pacxon is to time your moves onto the untiled board so that you can avoid the ghosts but increase the area covered by your tiles.

It's a very fun game to play and very addictive. It combines elements from Pacman, Tron and Jezzball, which are some of my favorite games of all time.

Remember that you're safe when you're on areas that you've already tiled but that when you're on untiled areas all the ghosts have to do is touch your tile trail to kill you. Once you've tiled a percentage of the board (80% on level 1) you progress to the next level.

Use the arrow keys to play. Obviously up arrow is up and so on and so on...


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