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Road Blocks

Road Blocks is another example of a simple idea which makes a really addictive and fun game. The idea behind the game is simple... get the ball to the exit!

You move the ball around using the arrow keys. A ball will keep moving until it hits a wall. You have to think how to use the walls to reach the red exits. As you complete each level things will get progressively harder and more complicated.

When you start out it's just the ball, some blocks and the exit, but as you progress new things like blue portals will appear. The in game instructions do a good job of explaining all the different objects so I won't go into too much detail here.

Let's just say that the yellow arrows (called funnels) make things a lot more complicated in later levels!

Each level has a password which means you can come back to the game and start at the level which you played last time. Handy if you need to take a break!


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