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The World's Hardest Game

Is this really the World's Hardest Game? Well it sure seems like it. It took me ten minutes to get past the first level and I didn't complete level two any faster!!!

The idea of the World's Hardest Game is to guide the red square though the maze and avoid all the obstacles. It's really all about getting the timing right but for some of us that is actually very difficult!

You use the arrow keys to move the red square so there's nothing complicated about the controls. For me what makes it so hard is that the obstacles move in such a way that there's no safe place to rest and think about it. You've got to keep moving and if you misjudge it it's game over.

Lots of people say that they find this game easy but I don't know how. I've played it for ages and although it does get easier with practice it's still very hard to complete.

Have a go at it and if you can complete it you can tell all your friends you've completed the World's Hardest Game. If you don't complete it, tell them you completed it anyway and watch their reaction as they try to get past the first level!!!


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The World's Hardest Game is certainly very challenging and I hope you enjoyed playing it! Please take a moment to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and any other sites you belong to!

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